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When it comes to shipping postal items from around the world to the UK as a freight consignment, HICS Worldwide is one of the world’s leading providers. Freight-to-Post is a way of expediting the delivery of shipments into the United Kingdom through the Royal Mail as a freight consignment for the first part of the journey. Once the freight consignment arrives into Heathrow it is then transferred to an authorized customs broker with an external temporary storage facility (ETSF). The shipment is then processed and delivered into the Royal Mail facility for postal clearance and final mile distribution, quickly and seamlessly.

As an AEO accredited company, HICS has proven best practice in their customs-related operations throughout the European Community for goods imported into, or exported from the EU.

B2C pre-sold goods

For final delivery to UK addresses through Royal Mail Freight to Post:

  • Items are prepared in the originating country with postage labels and CN22 declarations.

  • Goods are air freighted to the UK and then processed through ETSF facility and delivered into Royal Mail for postal clearance and final mile delivery.

External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF)

  • Temporary storage is when goods imported from outside the EU are temporarily stored under customs supervision before they are:

    • placed under a special procedure

    • release for free circulation

    • exported outside the EU

  • When you place imported goods into temporary storage you must immediately present them to the authorities by completing a temporary storage declaration, using a customs-approved, electronic inventory system. By doing this, you can defer the full customs declaration and payment of taxes until the end of the permitted storage period. Goods can only be held in temporary storage for a maximum of 90 days.


  • Improved end-to-end delivery timescales

  • Cost-effective freight options available for transcontinental conveyance

  • POD for freight section, notification of goods received in destination country

  • Seamless entry process in receiving country due to placement in ETSF bond

  • Use of designated postal operator in recipient country

  • Cost-effective final mile delivery through access to domestic postal rates

  • Maintains postal clearance rather than commercial clearance

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